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Urge Your Elected Officials to Support the PROTECT Students Act

If signed into law as part of a comprehensive Higher Education Act reauthorization, S. 867 and H.R. 3512 would protect students and taxpayers from unscrupulous colleges by:
-Replacing the 90/10 rule with an 85/15 rule to require for-profit colleges to derive at least 15 percent of their revenue from non-federal funds, and close the loophole that allows Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs to be counted as non-federal dollars;
-Codifying the 2014 Gainful Employment regulations that require vocational programs at for-profit colleges and non-degree programs at non-profit colleges to meet minimum thresholds of debt to income rates;
-Banning the use of arbitration agreements and class action restrictions as part of enrollment agreements made between students and institutions of higher education;
-Codifying and strengthening the 2016 regulations regarding the forgiveness of the federal student loan relief that borrowers are entitled to when a school violates state or federal law;
-Expanding the prohibition of incentive compensation to cover any activity relating to a student’s academic career, from recruitment to graduation; and
-Enhancing civil penalties that the Secretary may impose on an institution and its officers found to be in violation of the law.

Urge your Representative and Senators to PROTECT Students by completing this action alert today.